Students at the frontlines of decision-making - Simulations course
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Simulations course

Students at the frontlines of decision-making - Simulations course

Simulations (HTH SCI 4YY3: Health Forum Practicum)
This course offers students the chance to participate in simulated hospital board, cabinet, and World Health Assembly meetings, among other types of meetings. Students will learn about the types of decisions that can have an impact on health, the roles of different organizations involved in making these decisions, and the various influences on these decisions, and they will get the chance to see how difficult decisions are made, and experience the pressures that come to bear on the decision makers.

Meeting preparation work includes conducting literature reviews and documentary analyses about a health challenge and the context in which a decision about it will have to be made (e.g., hospital catchment area, province or WHO Member State) and preparing briefing notes to inform meetings. Students will take on different roles in different simulations.

The course grew out of the Forum’s commitment to prepare action-oriented leaders to address pressing health challenges creatively. The course prerequisite is registration in Level III or above of an undergraduate degree program and permission of the instructor. Please email the McMaster Health Forum for more information.

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