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Optimal aging

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, which provides scientific evidence about how to stay healthy, active and engaged as we grow older, is a core focus of the Forum’s work.

As one of five key contributors to the development and content of the Portal, the Forum plays a critical role in ensuring its content is selected and presented in the various ways that can help guide the decisions of citizens, clinicians, public health professionals and policymakers.

There are many other online resources that deal with health and aging available, but what sets the Portal apart from the crowd is its emphasis on providing only the best evidence, and telling you why it’s considered the best. The Portal filters out the noise and makes it easy to understand how scientific evidence and other types of information can help you – whether you’re a citizen, a clinician, a public health professional or a policymaker.

The main types of content targeted at citizens include:

  • Evidence Summaries provide key messages from research that’s ready to be acted on;
  • Web Resources Ratings are evaluations that tell you whether free resources on the internet are based on scientific research; and 
  • Blog Posts are commentaries on what the scientific research on a topic actually means and why good science matters.

The Portal also contains a comprehensive inventory of scientific reports targeted at clinicians, public health professionals and policymakers and addressing optimal aging and common health conditions, with links to scientific abstracts and full text when available.

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