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The Health Systems Learning program builds on the experience of Forum Director John Lavis in conducting nearly 100 training workshops in more than 30 countries with health system policymakers, stakeholders and researchers drawn from more than 60 countries. Some of the feedback from participants includes:

“I will rethink the policy creation process....and reconsider how we engage in stakeholder dialogues in my field.”

Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to policymakers and stakeholders from the Caribbean 

"[I will now] utilize systematic reviews in my work, promote research in organized decision making, and share research information to encourage others to use in their work.”

Stakeholder who attended a workshop delivered to staff from a large not-for-profit Canadian healthcare agency

"Any advice to my boss will [now] be evidence based...”

Policymaker who attended an international workshop delivered to staff from a Ministry of Health in the Middle-East

“The entire workshop was extremely helpful. Loved when conceptual aspects were applied to MOHLTC examples" 

Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to staff at a Canadian provincial ministry of health

“I now have [awareness of] great new resources that I did not know existed”

Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to staff at the Manitoba Ministry of Health, Healthy Living and Seniors in collaboration with Research Manitoba

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