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Welcome for stakeholders

The Forum seeks to be a leading hub for improving health outcomes through collective problem-solving. We help stakeholders — concerned citizens, heads of medical associations, hospital CEOs, senior civil servants, and international agency staff — work through pressing health challenges using methods to mobilize evidence, spark insights among stakeholders, and generate action.

McMaster has an international reputation for innovation in evidence-based medicine and problem-based learning. The Forum extends this reputation into evidence-informed health systems and collective problem-solving. The University is home to internationally recognized experts in health policy and systems research, research synthesis, deliberative dialogues and knowledge translation. The Forum draws on this critical mass of expertise. We harness the best available evidence, convene stakeholders and prepare action-oriented leaders to meet pressing health challenges creatively. Our stakeholder programs include:

Stakeholder dialogues bring together policymakers, leaders, citizens and researchers for off-the-record deliberations about pressing health challenges. While discussions are off-the-record, materials produced before and after events are made available publicly on the Forum's website and promoted widely.

Citizen panels engage groups of 10 to 14 people in off-the-record discussions about health challenges. Summaries of the discussions are posted on the Forum's website.

To promote continuing discussion and action, we make materials to support dialogues and knowledge translation freely available. Our evidence briefs summarize what is known about a problem, and options for addressing it, using the best research evidence available.

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