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McMaster University has an international reputation for excellence in evidence-based medicine and problem-based learning. The Forum has extended this reputation into the fields of evidence-informed health systems and collective problem solving.

McMaster Health Forum

The following are resources created or co-created by the Forum that support our programs and the policymakers, stakeholders and researchers the programs serve.

Health Systems Evidence

  • Using Health Systems Evidence (PDF)
    This four-page document describes how to make the most of Health Systems Evidence - the world’s most comprehensive, continuously updated repository of research evidence about governance, financial and delivery arrangements within health systems, and about implementation strategies that can support change in health systems. HSE has recently improved its ability to support policymakers, stakeholders and researchers who want access the best available research evidence in a timely manner.
  • Taxonomy of health-system arrangements and implementation strategies (PDF)
    This one-page document provides the taxonomy used to categorize the contents of Health Systems Evidence by governance, financial and delivery arrangements within health systems and/or by implementation strategies within health systems. The taxonomy can be used to get the most out of the ‘advanced search’ feature within Health Systems Evidence or as an aid to clarifying health-system problems and their causes and to framing options to address these problems.

Health Systems Learning

Finding and Using Research Evidence to Inform Decision-making in Health Systems and Organizations

  • Finding and using research evidence (PDF)
    This tool summarizes the key steps involved in working through how to address a pressing health challenge, and provides links to the best available sources of research evidence to address the many questions that arise in each of these steps. 
  • SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed Policymaking (PDF)
    Also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
    This series of tools provides practical advice about and worked examples of the many steps involved in working through how to address a pressing health challenge and in supporting the use of research evidence in policymaking more generally. The introduction gives an overview of the series, and each of the individual tools can be opened by clicking on the corresponding hypertext link.

Setting Agendas and Developing and Implementing Policies

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Other tools

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