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Cristina Mattison

Cristina Mattison

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant, McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab

+1 905.525.9140 ext 22521

McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
1280 Main St West, CRL-209
Hamilton, ON Canada  L8S 4K1

Cristina is pursuing a Ph.D. in Health Policy at McMaster University, supervised by Dr. John Lavis. Her doctoral research interests focus on maternal health, in particular health system strengthening through a better understanding of the scope of midwifery in health systems. Cristina is involved with several projects at the McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab, ranging from working on Health Systems Evidence and managing the Ontario Health Systems Document Portal to working on a profile of the Ontario health system.

Cristina has an M.Sc. in Global Health from McMaster University. Her previous research as a graduate student focused on obstetric fistula in low-resource settings, developing a Levels of Fistula Care Framework, which identified ways to strengthen health systems through the management of this obstetric injury. Before starting her PhD, Cristina worked at EngenderHealth to evaluate the implementation of this Framework in Guinea, and on a multi-centre retrospective record review of indications for caesarean delivery in Bangladesh, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Uganda. She has written several technical reports for the United States Agency for International Development on these studies. Cristina has over a decade of health research experience ranging from arthritis and chronic pain, to HIV and rehabilitation, knowledge transfer and exchange, and maternal health.

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