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Working with us

The Forum works with stakeholders – policymakers, professional groups, community groups, and researchers, among others – to break log jams related to pressing health challenges.

We work with partners: organizations or groups that want to address critical health challenges collaboratively with the Forum and other groups and organizations with an interest in the topic. Our partners help the Forum plan events such as Stakeholder Dialogues. They are directly involved in 'steering' the overall plan for the dialogue, participate in the dialogue and promote action based on the materials produced before and after events. Some of our partners include Continuing Professional Development – Ontario (a coalition of stakeholders), the Health Council of Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

We also attract sponsors: organizations or groups who want to support the work of the forum through direct sponsorship funds, but are not directly involved in the planning of events.

Currently, the Forum receives seed money and in kind support from McMaster University, and contributions from partners and donors. We conduct our events on a cost-recovery basis. Our partners actively participate in the planning of events, and provide financial support. Our sponsors provide only financial support for events. In special cases, the Forum can help find sources of funding.

Other groups help the Forum achieve our mission. A large network of key informants help us develop the terms of reference for our evidence briefs, suggest research resources that address the terms of reference, and suggest potential participants in dialogues and debates.

The Forum also works with merit reviewers who ensure our work is scientifically rigorous, and of policy and system relevance. Many reviewers are research-synthesis and knowledge-translation experts; others are stakeholders.

Please contact us to see how you can work with the Forum.

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